For his devotees, Anthony is a companion in daily life. He not only bestows graces and favours whenever one calls him in times of need. He is a big brother, a confidant who is always present and available whenever we are assailed by problems, be they big or small. Devotees ask him to help those who have lost their way, to console the suffering, to assist the poor and the forsaken.

As well as through personal prayer, devotion to Saint Anthony has manifested itself over the centuries in enduring ways, which we will briefly summarise.

Hand on the Tomb

This is the most characteristic gesture that pilgrims perform in the Basilica of St. Anthony.

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The Tredicina (The Thirteen-Day Novena)

This term refers to the first thirteen days of preparation for the feast of St. Anthony, which takes place on June 13.

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The Transit

This is the ritual that recalls the last moments of the Saint’s earthly life: aware of his approaching death, Anthony asked to be taken from Camposampiero to Padua

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Entrusting Children to Saint Anthony

Anthony had a particular fondness for children. Among the miracles he performed during his lifetime, many were done in their favour.

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Blessing of Objects

In the Chapel of Blessings, the faithful may have even their personal items or objects of worship blessed.

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A lily on Saint Anthony’s Tomb

For centuries pilgrims have been bringing a very special flower to the tomb of Saint Anthony here in Padua, and during his pontificate Leo XIII first granted permission for this flower, the lily, t

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Saint Anthony’s Bread

In some Franciscan churches or in parishes with particular devotion to Saint Anthony, on his feast day (June 13) the custom is celebrated of blessing loaves of bread, which are then distributed amo

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The Message-Petition to St. Anthony

Many devotees write to Saint Anthony. Many devotees want to leave a note, a prayer, a plea, a message, addressed to Saint Anthony.

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