Second video-meditation: "The first sermon. Personal talent at the service of God and of the brothers"

13 - Tuesdays Novena, March 2022 by fr. Andrea Vaona

Let us listen

«1222, Cathedral of Forlì. The young friar Anthony of Lisbon, who came down from the Hermitage of Montepaolo, is invited to preach in a solemn celebration. In the joy of being able to proclaim the faith, he leaves everyone amazed by the depth of his message combined with a simplicity that touches hearts.»

(The life of Saint Anthony)

Let us meditate

Anthony had lived months of silence and prayer at the hermitage of Montepaolo after having met St. Francis in Assisi. But September is harvest time and an unexpected opportunity does not find him unprepared: the good plant of a man of faith bears ripe fruit, to be shared with those who are always hungry for the Word of God. Not even his foreign accent is an obstacle. This way the prodigy of Pentecost is renewed. From that moment on, the fruits of Anthony’s preaching will satisfy the hunger of many people, even eight centuries later!

Let us pray

Let the face of our soul shine like the sun, so that what we see with faith may shine in works; and the good that we understand inside of ourselves be translated into the testimony of good works on the outside. And what we taste in the contemplation of God should be kindled with warmth in the love of neighbor. Only in this way will our face shine like the sun. (Saint Anthony)

Let us reflect

  • During the week, do i take time to meditate on God's Word? To reconsider the Word heard on Sunday?
  • How can I collaborate in supporting the testimony of priestas, religious men adn women, and lay missionaries?
  • Do I realize that even the wise use of the internet and of smartphones can be a precious means for my simple and courageous testimony of faith?

Prayer to St. Anthony

Teach us, St. Anthony, to grow patiently and daily in the knowledge of the Word of God and of Jesus Christ so that, at the right time - in word and deed - we may witness them with joy and courage.