The school of the Saint

Popularly known as the “Scoletta” (Little School), this building was con structed as the headquarters of the Confraternity of Saint Anthony.

Its lower level was built around 1430 and the upper level in 1504. The latter is of greater interest because it contains a series of 18 frescoes from the early 16th centu ry. These show scenes from the life and mir a cles of Saint Anthony, and three of them are early works of Tiziano Vecellio (1511):

  • Saint An thony Makes a New-born Ba by Speak;
  • A Jeal ous Hus band Stabs His Wife;
  • Saint Anthony Reattaches the Foot of a Young Man.

The paintings and the interior have regained their original splendour after extensive restoration work completed in 2006.

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Image: Giuliano Ghiraldini (MSA)