Ninth video- meditation: “Anthony converts brigands. Mercy opens the heart to conversion.”

13 - Tuesdays Novena, May 10 2022 by fr. Danilo Salezze

Let us listen

“One day a group of twelve brigands went to where Anthony was preaching . They had just barely begun to hear his words of fire when they felt regret and remorse for their misdeeds . When the homily was over, they went forward to confess their sins and crimes .”

(From The Book on St . Anthony’s Miracles)


Let us meditate

Saints do not miss an opportunity to bring those who make mistakes back on the right path. For Saint Anthony, the announcement of conversion aims to bring even the most stubborn hearts closer to God. To call to conversion is to want the good and happiness of our brothers, while indifference in the face of evil, especially when it produces suffering for others, is a guilty omission, a refusal of responsibility. Each of us has been entrusted with the care and support of some of our “closest” neighbors, who have the possibility of becoming better, or even of converting, thanks also to our good word and our example of righteousness.

Let us pray

Merciful God, grant us to not turn a blind eye to evil, grant us the desire to help our brothers not to give in to the temptation of sin.

May our word and example awaken in our neighbor the desire to feel loved and forgiven by You .

Let us reflect

  • Do I care about the true well-being of my traveling companions in life?
  • Do I share their deep questions and their anxieties?
  • Do I pray every day for my conversion and for that of my brothers who are most in need?

Prayer to St. Anthony

Dear Saint Anthony, you who have been a great friend of the Lord and have tasted and seen His love for each of us, teach us to free ourselves from all selfishness and support our steps in loving our brothers.