First video-meditation: "Saint Anthony's Miracles. And now it's up to us!"

13 - Tuesdays Novena, March 15 2022 by fr. Giancarlo Zamengo

Let us listen

«The same day many people suffering from various illnesses were carried to the tomb of the Saint, and immediately they were cured and restored to their original health through the merits of blessed Anthony. In fact, whoever was ill and touched the Tomb felt freed from whatever malady afflicted him as soon as he was let down.»
(Assidua, 1232)

Let us meditate

“Si quaeris miracula” is the beginning of the best known hymn written in honor of Saint Anthony. We have believed that science and technology could explain away facts and situations that cannot be rationally explained. The reality of life, however, is quite different: there is still room for miracles! We can narrate them more broadly than in the past. We always need to open our life to the action of God who, when he intervenes, does extraordinary things. The experience of the “13 Tuesdays” will make you feel a participant in this history of grace, of which you can be a protagonist together with God the Father.

Let us pray

Jesus Christ, with eyes of mercy, looked at disease- ridden humanity, and this was the sign of our salvation; he approached us, took our infirmities upon himself, ascended the cross and there, in the burning fire of his passion, consumed and destroyed our sins. (Saint Anthony)

Let us reflect

  • What space does the grace of the Lord have in my life, in the daily choices that are asked for me?
  • In difficult situations do i face them with faith and courage or do i allow myself to be overcome by mistrust and discouragement?
  • Looking at my life, what concrete actions does the Lord ask of me today to be an instrument of goodness in his hands?

Prayer to St. Anthony

If then you ask for miracles, death, error, all calamities, leprosy and demos fly, and health succeeds infirmities. The sea obeys and fetters break, and lifeless limbs you do restore; while treasures lost are found again, when young and old your aid implore. All dangers vanish at your prayer, and direst need does quickly flee; let those who know your power proclaim, let Paduans say: these are yours. To Father, Son, may glory be and Holy Spirit, eternally.